What is Home Movie Day?

Home Movie Day is a global event that is dedicated to the celebration of amateur films and small-gauge filmmaking.

Organised by the Center for Home Movies, it is held annually at local venues around the world and the events provide the opportunity for individuals and communities to watch and share their stories captured on the moving image.

Home movies capture the everyday, and Home Movie Day Singapore is committed towards celebrating these moments, relationships, places, gestures, rituals, and rhythms with everyone.


Matthew Yang, Woo Wan Fong, Felix Kottmann, Patrick Tung

❤️ We thank ❤️
Tan Si En (Momo Film Co), Kristen Ong (Momo Film Co), Sally Tan (Kodak Singapore), Richard Tuohy (Nanolab Australia), Easy Lee, Celine Leow, Finbarr Fallon, Thong Kay Wee, Mark Chua & Lam Li Shuen, Nicholas Yeo, Analog Film Lab Singapore, Han Feng Yu, Yuka Kamamoto, all the participating filmmakers, and our friends who readily came onboard to contribute one way or another.